Area: Eastside

There’s lots of regeneration happening just two minutes walk from Moor Street Station and The Bullring, and there’s already plenty here for you to make your first trip to.  In a few more years, it’s where the HS2 railway station, winging you to London in 54 minutes ish, will be located.  The area contains:

  • Hotel La Tour and Aalto restaurant at La Tour – a beautiful looking new build hotel. Come for their modern take on afternoon tea with cocktail on the side.
  • The Thinktank at Millenium Point – One for the kids, this science museum has 200+ hands on exhibits from the steam engine to intestines.
  • The Giant Screen Cinema at Millenium Point – formerly an IMAX theatre, this is the best place for taking in a blockbuster flick.  But if you want cinemas, check out The Electric Cinema, one of my favourite places.
  • Eastside City Park – a 6.8 acre park to Birmingham’s city centre.  Somewhere lovely to have that picnic, and right next to the preserved The Woodman pub.
  • Coming not so soon: HS2 train station – well it might not be here until 2026, but  when the High Speed 2 railway is built connecting London to Birmingham in under an hour, the interchange will be at the beautiful listed Curzon Street Railway Station which was last used in 1966.


Where to find it?

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