Reciprocity Promise

We’re not professional foodies, we just do it as a hobby.  We do love Birmingham and really want great places to succeed, and for people to be able to avoid those places we think are poor (sometimes despite the hype).

Over the years we’ve eaten out a lot.  A LOT.  Literally thousands of meals.  We’ve lived in hotels because of work, and we’ve lived in the city centre with a small kitchen where it’s easier to eat out than it is to cook.  So I’d like to think I know what to expect and that our reviews are even handed.

We pay for 99% of everything we review.  From time to time we may get a freebie dinner, and where that happens we’ll try and make it clear.  Our “reciprocity promise” is that we will review without fear or favour, whether it’s a freebie or whether it’s just another meal out, we’ll tell you what we really thought.

Thanks for reading.

17 Responses to Reciprocity Promise

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