Birmingham (Brum) is a vibrant cosmopolitan city that has grown into its looks in the last ten years. Yes, if you came here in the 90’s you’d have found concrete, greasy spoons, and many a tracksuit, but it’s grown up.

It has fantastic food, budding entrepreneurs, and nightlife a plenty.

We’re massive fans of our fair city, and want you to have the best experience you can here.

Whether you’re visiting for a day, moving here for work or education, living in the suburbs and fancy a day in town, or whether you’re a hardened city dweller who fancies checking out what the next great place will be – this site is for you.

Browse through the menu above and see where you want to start, I’d recommend “What’s where?” if you’re new to the city, or the blog if you want to jump straight in to my reviews.

Let us know on Twitter if you have any comments.


  • we’re not a company
  • we don’t make money from the site
  • the contents are entirely my own view of the world
  • occasionally we get free / half price food if we’re doing a preview of somewhere, but you have my firm promise that we will only write what we really think, and I’d say 95% of the time when we review the venue doesn’t even know who we are

Thanks for coming, and remember to eat, drink, and be merry in Brum!

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  1. Nice blog…you are right Brum has got a exciting and growing food scene. I will def be checking out some of the new venues you have mentioned 🙂

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