Overdid it at Christmas? How about a January Dryathlon™ in aid of Cancer Research?

Cancer Research Dryathlon 2012 LogoWe don’t know about you, but we at Out In Brum have perhaps overindulged once too often over the festive period.  We’ve Irished up the coffees, had bucks fizz with breakfast, beers with lunch, wine with dinner, and nightcaps at bedtime.  So we thought perhaps it was time to lay off the booze for a little while.

If we needed any more of a reason to lay off for a few week’s then there’s surely none better than supporting Cancer Research UK’s Dryathlon™.  It’s a new fundraising campaign that challenges social drinkers to give up alcohol, for January, to raise money for Cancer Research UK. Through raising sponsorship, or pledging the money saved by not drinking, Dryathletes can fund the work of Cancer Research UK and help bring forward the day when all cancers are cured.

So you won’t be seeing lots of reviews from us of drinking establishments until February while we’re trying to avoid temptation, but no doubt there will be some entertainment and foodie reviews coming up as we console ourselves and try to keep ourselves busy.

If you’d like to sponsor our non-drinking then you can visit our donation page here, or Cancer Research UK Logodon’t-buy-us-a-pint but instead text our code (APRC69) and an amount to 70070 – so your text would read something like “APRC69 £3”.  Make sure you follow the link that you get texted back to you so you can add giftaid on.  The text message will only cost you the donation (there’s no charge for the text).

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