Out In Brum - Meating - InteriorThe last couple of years have been very carnivorous for the city as many meaty venues have opened, from Fiesta Del Asado, Fleet Street Kitchen, lots of pop-ups from Andy Low ‘n’ Slow, and several chain burger joints. There’s another new independent to add to the list – Meating, at the Arcadian centre. Like some of the other meaty joints they’ve chosen a charcoal grill to cook on, but their real selling point is the use of Farmison & Co ( as their supplier of rare breed beef. We popped in for a Friday night dinner ahead of visiting a Selfridges Live+Loud event.

The staff are very welcoming and really keen to please, it does perhaps feel a little new, it’s Out In Brum - Meating - Exteriornot quite reached slick yet though I’m sure it will come. Do keep an eye on your watch if the affable manager (and erstwhile magician) John should shake your hand, he may replace it with an onion ring before you know it. The venue is cowshed chic, with wood, galvanised zincs, and high ceilings with exposed services.

There’s a cocktail bar here should you want it, but we plumped for a bottle of wine (£17). Out In Brum - Meating - NachosDinner will set you back between about £10 for a burger to up to £29 for half a kilo of T-Bone. Most dishes, are below £15, including chicken and fish kebabs and a couple of veggy dishes if you’re so inclined. All dishes come with house fries, and a trip to the salad bar which is, frankly, an eccentric touch (“have you been to a Harvester Meating before sir?”).

To start we had crisp calamari, and the home fried nachos with smooth guacamole, cheese, and salsa.  The nachos are similar to those served in HaHa’s many years ago, and more recently in Bodega’s – I really like that style so will be back for these again.  We both fancied a burger when we went in so that’s what we went for. I had “The Blue Pill” burger, a Galloway beef patty with caramelised onion, blue cheese, garlic mushrooms, and rocket. The patty was Out In Brum - Meating - Porkies Burgerserver medium-rare which is how I like it – if you’re a heathen who likes your rare breed burger burned they will do it for you. The bun was soft, and the flavours from the blue cheese and garlic mushrooms were punchy and well-balanced. I upgraded to the sweet potato fries which were crunchy. We also tried the “Porkies” burger, another Galloway beef burger but this one comes with bacon, cheddar, crispy delicious string onions, and baconaise (for the uninitiated, that’s bacon flavoured mayo). We had the truffle oil and parmesan fries with this one which were very nice (though I’ve never got over street-food vendor Fancy Fries version which are simply oosh).  We enjoyed every bite.

They’re geared up to be able to put large tables together, as well as booths for smaller groups. Definitely worth a trip with friends for informal cocktails, wine, steak and a chat.

You can find them online here: .

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