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Independent Birmingham BullIndependent Birmingham was launched in August 2013 as a website designed to bring to the masses the great independent companies that Brum has to offer.  We’re lucky to have a wealth of independent coffee shops, restaurants, bars, arts venues, and shops, but they’re so easily overshadowed by the marketing of McBusinesses.  Now the mass-marketers have realised the appeal of an independent they’re trying to muscle in on the act – there are a few chain places now dressed up like independents that aren’t (Lost & Found is for instance a Marston’s PLC pub).  Independent Birmingham is trying to make sure we know about all the great independents so that we can support them.

You can join Independent Birmingham (link here) to get discounts from dozens of the city’sIndependent Birmingham Card best indes, including Chung Ying Central, Bodega, Itihaas, Cafe Opus, Brewsmiths, The Lord Clifden, Island Bar, The Bureau, Rigs Fitness, Mac Birmingham, Ikon Bookshop, The Electric Cinema and many many more.

Now you can also purchase art, plants, apparel, cards and suchlike from Birmingham artists and designers from the Independent Birmingham Online Shop.  You could find the perfect Christmas gift for that special Brummy in your life, how about an “Alright Bab” necklace?  There’s plenty of items without a direct connection to the city though, other than being produced or designed here.

Creator of Independent Birmingham, Joe Schuppler, said:

“The word independent spans further than food and drink, and we want to show the world just how immensely talented and creative some of Birmingham’s inhabitants are. We want to make it easier than ever before to discover local. We want you to be able to tell people ‘Happy Birthday’ through our shop, to cover that blank wall through our shop, and to have your next coffee through our shop.

“The shop will start off with a cadre of immensely talented local artists, photographers, illustrators and designers and will evolve over time. From posters to mugs and paintings to tote bags, the idea is to bring together local talent and provide them with a huge platform to sell their fantastic work.

“Tens of thousands of people visit the website every single month in search for something different, something unique, just like them – and we want to be able to give people the opportunity to buy distinct and individualistic products, whilst supporting Birmingham’s creative community and celebrating the strength of the city at the same time.”

You can find the Independent Birmingham website here:

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