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Out In Brum - Gaucho Brunch - InteriorNote this is a write-up of a freebie as we were guests of the restaurant.  We pay for almost everything we review and when we occasionally do a freebie event we’ll tell you and be as critical as usual.  See our reciprocity promise here.

Gaucho restaurant opened in Birmingham just a few months ago.  They’ve taken a basement unit in the newly refurbished 55 Colmore Row building, and what a transformation they’ve made to it.  It could’ve been a dark and dingy claustrophobic box, but they’ve pulled off a cool and cosy hideout.  One steps off the street in to a reception that acts as a transition area, protecting the plushly carpeted inner sanctum from the pedestrian brightness and noise of the Out In Brum - Gaucho Brunch - Drinksoutside world.  The space is broken up by comfy booths, lit column “trees”, and white pathways, which give a sense of separation and privacy between the tables.  Stemware is fine, seating comfortable, and lighting subdued; this is a place to escape from the real world for an hour or three.

Which is what we did last Saturday morning.  We were invited to the newly launched Gaucho all inclusive Electro brunch.  Priced at £45 per head and running from 11am till 4pm, you can sit for two hours ordering plate after plate and drink after drink from the Electro Brunch menu, while upbeat music plays.  The menu is classical brunch, with plenty of eggs, plenty of pork, toast, sweet treats, and of course, booze.

What we needed at 11am on a Saturday was some booze to bring us around from the Out In Brum - Gaucho Brunch - ChorizoFriday night hangover.  We tried the Argentinian fizz Domaine Chandon (yes, that Chandon) which was not quite fine enough for me, however the Bloody Mary I had was excellent: fresh zingy tomato juice, with a slug of vodka, plenty of ice, and plenty of spice.  I also had  a delicious refreshing Aperol Spritz.  I thought about having a juice or a coffee but I couldn’t bring myself to do it when there was free flowing spritzes on offer.  I did try an orange, carrot, and ginger juice which was good, and the apple, cantaloupe, and mint juice was refreshing – although we always think melon juices are better with Midori (joke!).

The service was not impeccable, but it was a PR event and they were taking multiple plate-at-a-time orders from more than thirty people which I think took its toll on the stylish waiting staff and the normal order of things.  I’m assured the service from the is usually spot on.

Out In Brum - Gaucho Brunch - French ToastNow to the main event, the food.  Our table tried pretty much everything.  First up the mini croissants with peanut butter dulce de leche which were a sweet and salty buttery start.  Then to the oven baked chorizo sausage, which by rights should be called the Gaucho Full English in my opinion, which included a delicious spicy baked chorizo, plum tomato, mushrooms and a fried egg, all super hot served on a small skillet.  For my final dish I tried the fried provoleta – breaded and deep fried soft cheese, very rich and decadent.  The bacon sandwich, french toast, beans on toast, and Gaucho Benedict with Salt Beef instead of ham was all good.  The star of the show though was, unsurprisingly
Out In Brum - Gaucho Brunch - Exteriorgiven it’s an Argentinian steak house, the Steak and Egg – a small but super tasty and tender steak with a fried egg, absolutely delicious.

Everyone says Gaucho steak is excellent so it’s on our list of places to try for dinner, but given the price point it’ll wait for a celebration of some type.  I thought £45 per for brunch was a bit steep, but the drinks are great, the place is beautiful, and the food is really really good.  If you want cheap then feel free to go to the Wetherspoons for a five quid breakfast and a pint of mild.  This place is for luxuriating in style, consuming excellent food and cocktails.

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