COVID-19, a Black Country Ode

A poem written fonetikley (phonetically), in Black Country accent, by my very funny uncle, Chris Cartwright, April 2020.

We Need Ter Stop In – a Black Country Ode to COVID-19

by Chris Cartwright, April 2020.

We need ter stop in
Best not ter goo aht
Iss dodgy aht theer
Theer’s a virus abaht!

At best yo’ll get sick
Yo could wind up jed!
It doe tek much figerrin’
Try usin’ yer yed !

If yoan gorra goo shappin’
Then leave a saefe gap
Between wheer yo’m stondin’
An’ the next nearest chap

If yo’m lookin’ fer bog roll
‘Ond gel or soap
I con saeve yer a journey
Yo got no chuffin’ ‘ope

Iss important ter exercise
Ter stay ‘ealthy an’ strung
Just doe tek the mickey
An’ stop aht tew lung!

An’ if we all use some common
An’ show we bay fules
We con beat this ‘ere virus
If we foller the rules.

Stay saefe folks! Chris.

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