The Birmingham Breakfast Club was set up  with a single objective: To find Birmingham’s Bike to Breakfast at the Christmas MarketBest Breakfast. It runs in collaboration with Bike to Breakfast, who’s objective is to cycle from home, in to Birmingham City Centre, enjoy a great Birmingham Full English, then cycle back home. Bike to Breakfast was set up purely to justify eating some wholly unhealthy breakfasts – but be calorific-ally better off by the time we got home.

The first big question is this: What is a Full English? To me, its a meal with Bacon, Sausage, eggs and bread. There are of course many extras that could make it better or worse, (depending on your opinion). These could and frequently do include the following:

  • . Fried Bread
  • . Beans
  • . Tomatoes, tinned or fresh
  • . Black Pudding
  • . White Pudding
  • . Mushrooms

The next problem is to how exactly do we compare breakfasts? How can you compare a £12.95 breakfast with one that costs £5.00 and includes a coffee or tea? Its very difficult.

I have tried to judge all of these breakfasts fairly, taking into consideration the venue, the welcome and attitude of the staff, the quality of the ingredients, the hygiene of the café and mine and my fellow breakfasters’ opinions and general thoughts about them.

The attached spreadsheet will give you a my thoughts and opinions. Currently, at the top of the list is The High Field in Edgbaston, closely followed by the Deli in Boldmere and Yorks Bakery Café in the city centre.

Who knows, there may be an award or two coming up in the new year….

I am always looking for more venues and breakfasts to try out, so any recommendations are more that welcome.

Restaurant/Café Cost Overall Score Cleanliness Ambience
Café Opus £? 6 9 8
Out In Brum - Burger Battle - The Flying Cow Burger Luke warm. The breakfast was good, but it was served luke warm.
JuJu’s Café £8.50 8 9 8
Out In Brum - Burger Battle - Victoria Creperie Breakfast is excellent but a very long wait every time I have been there. EVERYTHING is extra – be careful!
Yumm Café   4 8 8
Out In Brum - Blue Mango - Chicken Tak Tak Generally very good, but occasional let downs.
The Floating Coffee Co   3 3 3
Out In Brum - MPW Xmas - Turkey Awful – but you are on a boat! Bad service, cheap ingredients, just not good.
The Deli In Boldmere £6.00 9 9 9
Out In Brum - MPW Xmas - Christmas Pudding I may be slightly biased, as this is one of my favourite places. The breakfast : brilliant!
BTP Café £7.25 8 4 7
Out In Brum - COMiDA Tapas - Cheese Superb – but could have been cleaner – tables were not clean at 9:00am (seemed to be from the night before)?

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