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Out In Brum - Coast to Coast - NachosHi! Thanks so much to you for clicking on my little ol’ link! I’m just SO EXCITED for you to be humbling me with your attention that I can’t even describe it! Get comfy! Are you comfy? You sure? Can I get you anything? It’s cold out now isn’t it? My favourite weather is hot weather, not too hot though, what’s you’re favourite weather? Cold? Yeah, that’s really one of my favourite weathers too!

A trip to Coast 2 Coast is to be transported to an ersatz Floridian tourist steakhouse complete with waiting staff desperate to be loved by their diners. It’s not in our nation’s psyche to be so very cheery and it requires a mind shift to get in to the spirit of things. I think the only really OTT moment of the night for me was the dessert menu: “You want a desert menu! I’M YOUR DESERT MENU! There’s x and y and z and if you don’t want any of those how about a cocktail from the bar”?

We’ve been here a couple of times and I have to say that they’d picked up their game on Out In Brum - Coast to Coast - Calamarithe second trip, the first was in the opening week so we’ll let them off any slip ups then. Although I joked about the OTT service, they were pretty much spot on in terms of speed, and our waiter made no mistakes and was more than willing to accept our requests for changes. I’ve never understood why the most inhospitable people end up in the hospitality trade in the UK, and I’d rather have this type of in your face customer loving than the alternative of surly jobsworths who’re upset when I want a fork that is not covered by other people’s partially masticated food.

The interior is inviting and warm and upbeat music plays at a level that’s conducive to having a conversation in one of the many comfortable booths. It’s somewhere for a group of friends to go and have a fun meal, or for you to take an office party for a good feed. It’s certainly not fine dining but you won’t leave hungry – I recommend sharing a starter because they’re veOut In Brum - Coast to Coast - Slidersry large.  I had the calamari to start.  The squid was tender and the batter crisp, although it does come with a grated cheese on the top which I thought was odd, and a dip which tastes a bit like tomato and basil soup.  We also tried the barbecue chicken nachos which came with a pile of guacamole, sour cream, and salsa.

For mains we had the sliders (mini burgers).  There was a classic burger, a pulled pork one, Out In Brum - Coast to Coast - Pulled Pork Burgerand a blue cheese one.  The waiter happily swapped out the blue cheese one for another pulled pork burger.  We also had a normal sized pulled pork burger.  Normal sized being huge.  The burgers were all good, as were the crisp sweet potato fries and onion rings with a smokey spicy sauce.

We went on a week night so only had a couple of beers and a Jeremiah Weed (yummy alcoholic ginger beer).  We’re told their cocktails are good too.

Two courses with a couple of beers came to about £30 a head.  Go hear for a rowdy dinner with friends and family, have a couple of Long Island Iced Teas, and get in to the spirit of the super friendly service.

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4 Responses to Coast to Coast

  1. I’m excited to try here. We went a few weeks ago and granted it was a Friday night so of course they didn’t have any tables for us two that rocked up in our scuzzy moving house clothes. Instead we had a lovely cocktail in the bar area and talked about how Birmingham has changed, that I remembered a salsa night in a previous incarnation of that very building!

  2. Tigger17 says:

    We went in March (sorry, only just found your reviews), I thought the starters were excellent and good value for money but the mains were so so in taste and quite pricey. I had a Chicago deep dish pizza which was in essence a whole lot of dough with tomato sauce and a few slices of pepperoni. For someone who has had Chicago deep dish pizza in Chicago I was fairly disappointed, especially given the price. If I went again it would be with friends for drinks and starters /sharers as the atmosphere is great and a good place to start an evening out.

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